Business Advisory Services

We provide a wide range of business advisory services tailored to suit our clients’ specific requirements. Our Partners, Managers & Consultants have the knowledge, experience, and flexibility to provide business advisory and consultancy to our clients in adapting to the challenges facing their businesses in Ireland today. Our business advisory team are experienced professionals with years of experience who will support you to scale your business.


Mergers and Acquisitions. Sale of Business. Management Buyouts. Business and Share Valuations. Financing Arrangements. Transaction Support Services. Start-up Advice. Outsourced Financial Controller. Loan/Grant Applications. Acquisition Due Diligence. Raising Private Equity (including EII schemes).


Mergers and Acquisitions

Our business advisors can assist you with Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), whether you are planning a consolidation of companies or assets in Ireland, via several categories of financial transactions, such as mergers, consolidations, acquisitions, purchase of assets, tender offers, and management acquisitions.


Sale of Business

The sale of your business is perhaps the most crucial and difficult financial choice you will make, so get all the advice you can. Cronin and Co’s business advisory services include Sale of Business advice and consultancy to help you assess the financial opportunity, prepare the company for sale, act as intermediary, and manage and control the sale process.


Management Buyouts

The business advisory team at Cronin and Co is offering Management Buyouts (MBO) transaction services to those management teams in Ireland planning to combine resources to acquire all or part of the assets and operations of the company they manage, taking full control and ownership.


Business and Share Valuations

If your company requires a valuation, it is crucial to seek expert advice. Cronin and Co’s advisors and consultants are ready to conduct a critical assessment of the key drivers of value for your business. Our independent valuation will accurately determine the real value of your business. Whether you need the valuation for a business decision, taxation or litigation case, our business advisory team will present you a full analysis of your company, including the valuation model used and a comparison within the industry in Ireland.


Transaction Support Services

Our competent business consultant team helps companies in Ireland of all sizes with Transaction Support Service in buy-side, sell-side, and financing due diligence. By providing this to companies from a plethora of industries means that we are able to tailor this service to the exact particularities of your project, including quality assessment of cashflow, assets, liabilities, working capital, and purchase agreements.


Start-up Advice

Due to digitalisation and modern technologies penetrating every industry and lowering the entry barriers, the competition between start-ups in Ireland is at its highest but our business consultants can help you secure your success with our Start-up Advice services. Depending on the phase your idea is at, our business advisory team will assess it, provide a sector-specific growth plan and a profitable business model to follow on short and long term.


Outsourced Financial Controller

One of Cronin and Co’s strongest suits in business advisory, the Outsourced Financial Controller manages your company’s finances and bookkeeping for you, including monitoring accounts, cash disbursements, bank reconciliation, and financial analysis & planning. This outsourced business consultancy service is designed to address the needs and requirements of any company, regardless of their size or industry.


Loan & Grant Applications

Accountancy firms in Dublin like Cronin and Co, with expertise in financial planning, accessing finance, and applying for state aid are at the forefront of helping businesses grow and succeed. The Loan & Grant Applications advisory service was designed to provide support to companies in Ireland to access the most adequate finance they need in order to start up, maintain or grow business. Our in-house advisors will identify the best finance available for your business and we’ll assist you along the process: pre-application, application and implementation.


Acquisition Due Diligence

The Acquisition Due Diligence is recommended as an investigation service before a business acquisition, to vet that company for potential investment. Our business consultants will assess the target company for the acquirer and identify and assess any risks, liabilities or business issues but also any potential mismatch of goals or culture.


Raising Private Equity (including EII schemes)

Whether you’re looking to secure financing from private equity or the Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme (EIIS) to support the growth of your company, Cronin and Co’s business advisors are here to help you. Our business consultants will assist you, preparing the presentation of your business to private equity and highlighting your strengths and opportunities.


Our clients for business advisory services range from smaller owner-managed business to large multi-national companies. We advise and guide businesses across all sectors, at all stages of their development – from start-up incubation, through their growth, to helping management and owners realise value in their investment and hard work

Business Advisors Services


Our consultants’ purpose is to assist clients in Ireland in appraising, structuring and negotiating deals & transactions by providing business advisory and consultancy services.


Established in 1978, Cronin & Company has earned a reputation as one of Dublin’s leading accountancy firms. Our team of experienced professionals offer an extensive range of financial services and take a hands-on approach in everything we do.


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