Corporate governance is crucial for every business in Ireland and has never been of higher concern for company directors, hence the importance of company secretarial. Meeting the legal expectations placed on small, medium, and large corporate companies is a significant challenge, and the role of a company secretary is important to ensure that these obligations are met. As the legislation and regulatory framework governing companies increases, along with the associated costs, it’s becoming more common for companies to outsource this essential function to those who are specialised in all aspects of company secretarial. At Cronin & Co, we have a team of talented experts dedicated to company secretarial services who you can rely on to meet your business obligations.

Company Secretarial offered by Cronin and Co


Registered Office Facility. Company Formation Services. Corporate Secretary. Statutory Company Records. Annual Compliance. Share Compliance. Minutes and Meetings. Corporate Restructuring. Company Restoration. Voluntary Strike-offs.


Company Formation Services

Company formation is the process of creating a legally compliant business entity and it can be offered as part of the company secretarial services. This often includes choosing a name for the company, setting up a financial structure, registering a trade name and completing the Register of Beneficial Ownership through the Companies Registration Office (CRO). An experienced company formation specialist can help you through the entire process and make sure that your company complies with all requirements.


Registered Office Facility

For businesses that operate in multiple countries, it is possible to obtain a registered office facility. This ensures that the company has a physical presence in the country in which it is registered and allows it to comply with the legal requirements in the subsequent location. Secretarial services can facilitate this process for your company.


Corporate Secretary

Given their critical role in the operation of a corporation, a corporate secretary must be highly skilled and knowledgeable about the applicable laws and regulations. Furthermore, they must be able to manage the intricate details and processes that are involved in the day-to-day management of the company. A good corporate secretary will be able to provide the company with the assurance that its legal requirements are being met, and that its operations are conducted in a smooth and efficient manner.


Statutory Company Records

The company secretary is also involved in the preparation and filing of statutory documents with the relevant authorities in order to keep the business compliant with the law. This includes ensuring that all the relevant information is accurately recorded, so the company is compliant and providing advice and assistance to the directors of the company. Professional company secretarial services can help ensure that the statutory records of the company are kept up to date.


Annual Compliance

Companies must adhere to annual compliance regulations. Annual compliance involves ensuring that the company is compliant with all law-binding and financial requirements. This includes filing the required annual returns and accounts, as well as preparing and circulating the required documents to shareholders – tasks that can be fulfilled by contracted company secretarial.


Meetings and Minutes

The company secretarial team takes the minutes of all company proceedings and is responsible for ensuring that the policies and decisions taken at these meetings are accurately recorded and filed. A company secretary may also help with drafting corporate resolutions, managing corporate mailings, and preparing shareholder communications.


Company Restructuring

Company restructuring can involve changes to the company’s capital structure, such as asset disposals and acquisitions, or reorganizing the structure of the business itself. This often requires the help of a professional company secretarial team that guarantees accurate knowledge about the respective rules around company restructuring in Ireland, or in the respective country of company registration.


Company Restoration

Company restoration services can help to restore a company back to the register following a liquidation or if the company has been struck off. Company secretarial experts like us can oversee the process and ensure that all aspects of the restoration are completed in a timely and satisfactory manner.


Voluntary Strike-Offs

Company secretarial team is also responsible for filing documents with the appropriate authorities and making sure that all voluntary strike-offs of the company are done in accordance with the law.


We provide a specialist and comprehensive range of company secretarial services, not only to all our existing clients in Ireland but also to accountants, solicitors and taxation advisors. We also provide many of the secretarial services listed above to companies & business owners that may not currently be engaged with Cronin & Company for accounts, audit, bookkeeping or taxation.

Secretarial Services team
Company Secretarial Services


If you are looking to outsource these essential services, our team of experienced and professional experts in the company secretarial department at Cronin & Co are here to help. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to ensure that the formation, restructuring, or restoration of your company is completed in a timely and efficient manner. Contact us today to find out more about our secretarial services.


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