The current economic climate makes demands on all business’s to be leaner and more efficient.  This is particularly so in relation to a business’s taxation planning.  Expert tax accounting advice is required by sole traders, partnerships and limited companies alike.  Cronin & Company provides a comprehensive range of taxation services to our clients across all the major business sectors.

Taxation Services offered by Cronin and Co


Corporation Tax compliance. Corporation Tax planning. VAT. RCT. Income tax. Wealth management – Personal & estate planning. Revenue audits & investigations. International tax strategy. Social welfare entitlements.


Corporation Tax Planning

We have a proven track record as a compliance and tax advisory firm. We support our clients, providing commercial, practical solutions on the tax accounting implications of any proposed transaction or restructure.  We ensure that our clients have a clear tax accounting strategy from the outset when considering any planning opportunities. We work with companies of varying sizes across a multitude of sectors. No business is too big or too small to contact us about Corporation Tax Planning.  



Comprehensive management of VAT and RCT is vital for the streamlining of a successful business and it’s included in our taxation services offering. We we understand that for both commercial and noncommercial business, VAT and RCT can raise many challenges and issues. Our tax accounting experts will guide you through the process and provide you with the VAT / RCT services you require.  


Income tax

Ireland has one of the largest tax codes in the world, so preparing even the most straight forward income tax return in your accounting can be tricky. At Cronin and Co, we have the taxation experts in place to help you deal with any income tax issues that come your way. Our taxation services team will help you at all stages of the process to ensure your tax returns are handled in the most eligible manner. 


Wealth Management – Personal & Estate Planning

We will do our ultimate best to enable you to plan and manage your estate in the most tax efficient way. Our taxation experts can help you to identify potential pitfalls and rectify them early on, so you can have peace of mind about your assets.  


Revenue Audits & Investigations

If your business is selected for audit by the Revenue then we can help you through that process. Our taxation experts have extensive experience in dealing with Revenue Audits We work to ensure that your business puts its best foot forward when it comes to the Revenue requirements.  


Social Welfare Entitlements

We can help to streamline the social welfare entitlements that you are eligible for. We know it can be confusing understanding the criteria necessary and applying for social welfare payments, but our tax accounting advisors can help you to navigate this space.   


Cronin & Company’s tax accounting team, with our technical proficiency and vast experience, provides expert taxation advice to all levels of business. We offer tax planning solutions to help our clients minimise taxation liabilities and we provide a full tax compliance service to help our clients meet their Revenue obligations, no matter what stage of business they are at.

Tax accounting team
Taxation Services


At Cronin & Company we pride ourselves on being commercially minded, proactive and focused on solutions specific to our clients. With these principles at the core, our taxation services aim to add value and to minimise our clients current and future tax exposure.


Established in 1978, Cronin & Company has earned a reputation as one of Dublin’s leading accountancy firms. Our team of experienced professionals offer an extensive range of financial services and take a hands-on approach in everything we do.


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