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The Universal Social Charge (USC) in Ireland plays a significant role in the country’s taxation system. It is essential for taxpayers to have a clear understanding of the USC, including the rates for 2023. As an established accountancy firm in Ireland, we understand the importance of navigating the intricacies of the tax system. In this article, we will explore the USC, its rates, and how it affects individuals in Ireland.


The Universal Social Charge in Ireland:

The Universal Social Charge (USC) is a tax that applies to most types of income in Ireland. It is important to note that there is an exemption threshold for USC, which means that if your annual income is below €13,000, you are not liable to pay USC. However, once your income exceeds this threshold, USC becomes applicable based on the standard rates and thresholds determined by the Revenue.

The USC is a vital component of the country’s tax system. It helps fund vital services and social welfare programs. The USC rates and thresholds are designed to consider various factors, including cost of living measures. It is essential to understand how the USC impacts your income and the applicable rates based on your earnings. You can effectively manage your tax obligations and financial well-being by staying informed about the USC and related cost of living measures.


universal social charge Ireland


USC Rates and Thresholds for 2023:

To help you stay informed, let us explore the USC rates and thresholds applicable for the tax year 2023. These rates determine the percentage of USC that individuals are required to pay based on their income.


Standard Rate Band:

The first €12,012 of income is subject to a rate of 0.5%.

The next €10,908 is subject to a rate of 2%.

The subsequent €47,124 is subject to a rate of 4.5%.

Any remaining income above the thresholds is subject to a rate of 8%.


Reduced Rate Band:

If your income is €60,000 or less and you meet certain criteria, you may be eligible for reduced rates of USC. The reduced rates apply if:

  • You are aged 70 or older.
  • You hold a full Medical Card (not a GP visit card).

If you hold a medical card and your income is €60,000 or less, it is important to contact Revenue to receive the reduced rate. The reduced rates will apply for the entire year if you reach the age of 70 and your income is €60,000 or less, or if you hold a full medical card at any time during the year. It is worth noting that if your income exceeds €60,000, the standard rates of USC will apply, and you will not be eligible for the reduced rates.


Other Rates of USC:

Apart from the standard and reduced rates, there are certain circumstances where different USC rates may apply. Let us look at these scenarios:


  1. Non-PAYE Income above €100,000:

If your non-PAYE income exceeds €100,000 per year, a 3% USC surcharge will be added to your tax liability.


  1. Certain Bank Bonuses:

Certain bank bonuses are subject to a 45% USC rate. This applies to employees of financial institutions that received government support, such as Allied Irish Bank, Bank of Ireland, and Educational Building Society. If your bonus payments are €20,000 or less in a year, the standard USC rates will apply.


  1. Property Relief Surcharge:

A 5% USC rate applies to taxable income protected by property-related incentives like capital allowances and relief for residential lessors (Section 23 Relief). This surcharge affects capital allowances and losses carried forward from 2012 onwards. However, if your gross income is below €100,000, the property relief surcharge does not apply.


Understanding the Universal Social Charge (USC) in Ireland is essential for individuals to manage their tax obligations effectively. By staying informed about the USC rates for 2023 and the reduced rates available for specific groups, individuals can optimise their tax liabilities. If you have paid excess tax, don’t forget to explore opportunities to claim tax back.

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