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Entrepreneur Relief in Ireland is a financial incentive that can significantly benefit business owners and entrepreneurs. In this comprehensive guide, our expert accountancy firm in Dublin will delve into the details of this tax relief scheme, how it works, who is eligible, and provide valuable insights into real-world scenarios. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your business journey, understanding Entrepreneur tax relief in Ireland is crucial for optimising your financial strategy.


What is Entrepreneur Relief Ireland?

Entrepreneur Relief is a capital gains tax (CGT) relief designed to reward individuals who invest time and effort into building and growing their businesses in Ireland. It offers a reduced rate of CGT, making it more tax-efficient for entrepreneurs to sell or transfer qualifying business assets. Read our article on ‘What is capital gains tax?’ to learn more about this.


Tax Benefits

One of the primary benefits of Entrepreneur Relief is the reduced rate of CGT. As of the most recent tax year, the rate is 10%. This is significantly lower than the standard CGT rate, which can be as high as 33%. For example, if you sell qualifying business assets and make a capital gain of €100,000, you will only pay €10,000 in CGT under Entrepreneur Relief, as opposed to €33,000 at the standard rate in Ireland.

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entrepreneur relief Ireland

Qualifying for Entrepreneur Relief

To qualify for Entrepreneur Relief in Ireland, you must meet specific criteria:

1. Ownership:

You should own at least 5% of the ordinary share capital of the company.

2. Director/Employee:

You must be a director or employee of the company who spends/has spent more than 50% of your time in the company.

3. Active Involvement:

You need to be actively involved in the business’s management for at least three years out of five, leading up to the disposal of assets.

4. Holding Period:

The shares must have been held for at least three years.


Example of Entrepreneur Relief in Ireland

Let us illustrate Entrepreneur Relief with a practical example:

John, an entrepreneur, owns 10% of the shares in his software development company, XYZ Tech Ltd. He has been actively involved in the company for the past five years. John decides to sell his shares, resulting in a capital gain of €200,000.

Without Entrepreneur Relief:

CGT at the standard rate (33%): €66,000

With Entrepreneur Relief:

CGT at the reduced rate (10%): €20,000

By qualifying for Entrepreneur Relief, John saves a substantial €46,000 in CGT, making it a lucrative option for entrepreneurs in Ireland looking to cash in on their hard work and dedication.

Entrepreneur Relief in Ireland offers a valuable opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs to benefit from reduced capital gains tax rates. It rewards individuals who actively participate in their business’s growth and development. If you meet the eligibility criteria, this relief can result in significant tax savings when selling or transferring qualifying business assets. You can visit to keep up to date with any changes to entrepreneur tax relief.

It’s essential to note that this is an overview of Entrepreneurs Relief, and specific conditions and qualifications apply. To ensure you meet all the requirements and make the most of this relief, it is strongly recommended to seek professional advice from an experienced accountancy firm. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Cronin & Co, and let us guide you through the details of Entrepreneur Relief to optimise your tax strategy for business success.

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