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The Revenue Commissioners move to Real Time Reporting (RTR) will take effect on 1st January 2019. From this date all employers must notify Revenue of any payments or benefits made to an employee in real time.


  • Employers must notify Revenue when or before the payments are made to all employees. This will be completed through ROS. The following information will be required:
  • the amount being paid
  • the date of the payment
  • PAYE, USC and PRSI due
  • Details of an employee’s start date must be reported before their first pay date.
  • The current tax deduction card (P2C) will be replaced with a Revenue Payroll Notification (RPN).
  • Revenue will issue a monthly statement summarising Payroll Submissions made during the month.
  • Payment of all amounts due to the Collector General must be made by the 23rd of that month (where the employer pays and files online via ROS).
  • P35s, P30s/P45s and P60s cease to exist.
  • There will be no requirement to file P35s or P30s or to issue P60s or P45s for 2019 or subsequent years.
  • €4,000 penalty for the failure to operate PAYE correctly. Employers who historically relied on year-end adjustments will now be increasingly more visible to Revenue and will potentially face more fines for non-compliance. In addition Revenue intends to use this information to carry out more audits/interventions.
  • Every employee/director on your business’s payroll must be registered. None registration will automatically place an individual on emergency tax.

Revenue has advised that they will be writing to all employers in May 2018 to request a full listing of all employees currently working for an employer. The aim being to tidy up the names of employees that Revenue have on their records for every employer.


Employers what you need to do

Revenue recommends you should start preparing now by following the following steps

  • Register as en employee
  • Ensure you have the correct PPSN for all employees
  • Register employees
  • Obtain up to date P2C
  • Complete the P45 process correctly for all employees no longer working for you
  • Be aware of your obligations at the year end

Now is the time to regularise your internal processes to ensure that your payroll is processed in real time.

Cronin and company have a dedicated payroll department on hand to assist you with any queries you may have on PAYE Modernisation.

WRITTEN BY: Cronin & Co

WRITTEN BY: Cronin & Co