Tax-Free Vouchers for Staff Ireland

In Ireland, tax-free vouchers for staff are a valuable benefit that employers can provide to their employees. Tax-free vouchers, often referred to as the Small Benefit Exemption, offer businesses an opportunity to show appreciation to their staff without incurring additional tax costs. As a leading Irish accountancy firm, we understand the significance of effective tax planning, and this exemption is one of the many strategies that can benefit both employers and employees.


Understanding Tax-Free Vouchers and the Small Benefit Exemption.

The Small Benefit Exemption in Ireland is a tax-efficient way for employers to reward their staff with up to two small benefits or tax-free vouchers. Under this scheme, employers can provide employees with two vouchers worth up to a combined €1,000 in a calendar year without incurring any tax liability. This exemption is designed to benefit both employers and employees, allowing businesses to show appreciation to their staff without the burden of additional tax costs. If you are looking to enhance your staff benefits while maximising tax efficiency, the Small Benefit Exemption is an option worth considering.

It is important to note that if you offer more than two benefits in a single year, only the first two qualify for tax-free status. Any unused allowance amounts cannot be carried over.

Tax-free vouchers or benefits are designated for the purchase of goods or services by staff in Ireland and cannot be exchanged for cash.


Benefits for Employers

The Small Benefit Exemption provides several advantages for employers:

1. Tax-Efficient Reward:

Employers can motivate and reward their staff without incurring additional tax costs. This exemption allows businesses to boost employee morale without affecting the company’s tax liability.

2. Administrative Simplicity:

The Small Benefit Exemption is straightforward to implement. Employers do not need to calculate and deduct taxes for the voucher, making it a hassle-free benefit to provide. Many employers choose to opt for one-for-all vouchers as they’re considered a tax-tree small benefit exemption, and they can be used against a wide range of goods and services in Ireland.

3. Enhanced Staff Retention:

Offering tax-free vouchers for staff in Ireland can contribute to higher job satisfaction and staff loyalty. Happy employees are more likely to stay with your company, reducing staff turnover.



Benefits for Employees

For employees, receiving tax-free vouchers under the Small Benefit Exemption has several advantages:

1. Increased Take-Home Pay:

Employees get to enjoy the full value of the voucher without any deductions, resulting in more money in their pockets.

2. Tax Savings:

Staff members do not have to worry about paying income tax, PRSI, or USC on the voucher, providing a welcome tax break.

3. Recognition and Appreciation:

Tax-free vouchers are a tangible way for employers to recognise and appreciate their employees’ hard work, enhancing job satisfaction, which could be especially effective at Christmas time.


Are There Any Limitations to giving tax-free vouchers to staff in Ireland?

While the Small Benefit Exemption is a valuable tax relief, it is important to be aware of certain limitations:

1. Annual Limit:

The exemption allows for a maximum annual benefit of €1,000 per employee. Any benefit exceeding this amount may be subject to tax.

2. No Cash Allowance:

Employers can provide vouchers, prepaid credit cards, or gift cards, but they cannot offer cash or cheques as part of this exemption.

3. Directors and Office Holders:

If you are a director or office holder in your company, additional rules apply. It is essential to understand the specific guidelines for these roles to ensure compliance with the Small Benefit Exemption. To learn more, visit


Tax-Free Vouchers for Staff Ireland


The Small Benefit Exemption is a win-win for both employers and employees. It allows businesses in Ireland to provide tax-free vouchers to their staff, boosting morale and enhancing job satisfaction. For employees, it means increased take-home pay and recognition for their hard work. If you are considering ways to reward your employees while maximising tax efficiency, this exemption is a fantastic option to explore.

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