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As a leading accountancy firm in Ireland, we recognise the significance of the Home Carer Tax Credit for individuals who provide care at home. This blog will delve into the eligibility criteria, application process, and real-life examples of how this tax credit can benefit home carers. Discover how you or your loved ones can maximise the financial support available through Ireland’s Home Carer Tax Credit.


Home Carer Tax Credit: Providing Support for Home Carers in Ireland

The Home Carer Tax Credit is designed to assist individuals who care for dependents at home. It serves as recognition for the valuable role home carers play in providing essential care and support to loved ones. By reducing the tax burden, this credit aims to ease financial pressures and support families in maintaining a caring environment.


Eligibility Criteria for Home Carer Tax Credit

To qualify for the Home Carer Tax Credit in Ireland, certain criteria must be met. The main requirements include:

  1. Being married or in a civil partnership (not applicable for cohabiting couples).
  2. Taking care of one or more dependent individuals, such as a child, elderly parent, or disabled family member.
  3. Living with the dependent(s) for the tax year or maintaining a separate home within two kilometres of the dependent(s)’ residence.
  4. Having a net income below the income threshold set by Revenue.

Did you know, that if you hire a carer for yourself or a family member, you are eligible to claim tax relief on the associated employment expenses? Learn more about tax reimbursement here.


Home carer tax credit


How Does the Home Carer Tax Credit Work?

The Home Carer Tax Credit provides a tax relief allowance of €1,700 per year for eligible home carers who earn less than €7,200 per year in Ireland. For incomes exceeding this amount, a reduced tax credit is available. This credit can be claimed by the individual who meets the qualifying criteria. It can be used to reduce their overall tax liability or increase their tax refund.

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Home Carer Tax Credit Example

Let us consider an example to illustrate how the Home Carer Tax Credit works:

Mary is married and cares for her elderly mother full-time at home. She meets all the eligibility criteria for the Home Carer Tax Credit. In Mary’s case, she can claim the tax credit of €1,700, which will directly reduce her tax liability or increase her tax refund. This financial support allows Mary to continue providing care while also alleviating some of the financial burdens associated with her role as a home carer.

This allowance has seen an increase when compared with previous years as part of the government’s new cost of living measures.


home carer tax credit



Qualifying for Home Carer Tax Credit: Important Considerations

While the Home Carer Tax Credit provides valuable support, it is crucial to be aware of certain considerations:

1. Cohabiting couples:

Unfortunately, cohabiting couples are not eligible to claim the Home Carer Tax Credit. It is only available for married or civil partnership couples. It is not possible to avail of both the increased Standard Rate Cut-Off Point for couples with dual income and the Home Carer Tax Credit simultaneously.

2. Income threshold:

To claim the tax credit, the home carer’s net income must be below the income threshold determined by the Irish Revenue Commissioners. It is important to review the latest guidelines to ensure eligibility.

3. Living Alone:

Additionally, for individuals caring for an elderly parent who lives in their own home, it may be worth considering the installation of a smart alarm or camera system. These systems provide added peace of mind by allowing a carer to remotely monitor their parent’s well-being and ensure their safety.


How to Apply

You can claim the Home Carer Tax Credit by using Revenue’s myAccount. You can also apply by completing a Home Carer Tax Credit claim form (pdf) and returning the form to your Revenue officeIf you pay tax under the self-assessed system, you can claim the credit by completing the Home Carer section on your annual tax return.


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