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Why should you outsource your bookkeeping?

If you are the owner of an SME, it might be common for your day to go in multiple different directions. Between managing your employees, analysing your finances, paying bills and making decisions your time might feel stretched. Unfortunately, there never seems to be enough time when you are running a business. You can outsource a multitude of finance functions like payroll, business advisory or bookkeeping.

Outsourced bookkeeping is the service we are going to focus on today. At Cronin and Company, we specialise in outsourced bookkeeping services. We know what a critical function bookkeeping is for the growth of your business. We are also acutely aware that when you are focused on trying to manage all your internal and external finances you are not focusing on what matters most while running your business.

So, what are the key benefits to outsourcing your bookkeeping to Cronin and Company?


  1. Save on payroll and operating costs.

One of the greatest benefits to outsourcing is cost reduction. While in-house bookkeepers may seem more cost effective based on an hourly wage, when you take hiring costs, training, supervision, and benefits into account the cost increases significantly. By outsourcing your bookkeeper service, you can actually save money on the task. Hence, it is definitely worth doing some research into this practice.


  1. You save time.

One of the most common reasons that businesses outsource their bookkeeping is to save time. If you are trying to run your business while also handling all of your bookkeeping operations, you could find yourself feeling very stretched. When you are under pressure you do not have the time or concentration capacity to focus on your own work. Similarly, if you are an SME and you have an inhouse accountant who is solely tied up with the day-today bookkeeping tasks, it could be an inefficient use of their time. Cast an eye over your team and think about the benefits that could be seen if your in-house professionals could refocus their capacity to revenue generation and financial planning.


  1. You receive the highest standard of work.

When you outsource bookkeeping services to a professional team like Cronin and Company, you can rest assured that you will be privy to a very high standard of work. We are acutely aware of financial processes. We will enable you to streamline your payroll services, records management, tax and much more. You will also have a guiding and informed voice when you hire an outsourced accountant. Due to the fact that we deal with businesses of all sizes everyday in different sectors and are highly knowledgeable when it comes to bookkeeping. This will allow you to take a step back and focus on your business.


  1. You have an opportunity for growth.

As a business owner growth is always at the forefront of your mind. From a financial standpoint it can often feel difficult to expand your business and increase profits. This may even be one of the reasons that you have been avoiding another expense like outsourcing your bookkeeping. However, outsourcing your bookkeeping can allow you to save money in the long run. Additionally, it puts you in touch with experts who are also at the forefront of financial growth everyday. We can give you tangible goals on how to cut unnecessary spending in your business and how to reinvest in areas that are likely to make you more money. You do not have to grow your business all by yourself there are a myriad of professionals who are available to help here in Cronin and Company.


  1. You receive insider knowledge.

Governments offer support to businesses regularly. There are multiple schemes and incentives running frequently, whether that be tax incentives, grants, or financial relief. When you are busy trying to run your business, manage your staff and keep your customers happy it can be nearly impossible to keep on top of these. We are knowledgeable about all of the financial incentives that you can receive as an SME. We are here to advise you on eligibility and will help you prepare your application.


Bonus tip: Its stress relief.

Something we have touched upon in all of the above is stress. Running your own business has its good days and bad days but something you should always want to avoid is stress. While it comes with the territory, outsourcing certain aspects of your business is vital in order to avail of stress relief. Finding the time to do your own bookkeeping or to organise in-house staff to contribute can be tricky. Additionally, keeping on top of all the necessary financial updates is a job in itself. By delegating your bookkeeping to Cronin and Company, you can alleviate stress in this space and focus on running your business.


How can Cronin and Company help?

We can provide your business with a tailored solution to suit your needs and take the burden out of understanding and maintaining proper books, records, and reconciliations from you. These solutions can be provided on a monthly, quarterly, annual basis or even to cover maternity / sick leave of an employee. So, whether you are an established business or just starting out Cronin & Company can implement and maintain an efficient outsourced payroll and bookkeeper service, freeing up your time to focus on the core activities of your business.

For more information on this service please contact [email protected].